“If you are confident that 95% of the time you are doing the right thing, then you are way ahead of the game”

M. Pagano

Clinical Research & Evidence-Based Medicine Unit was founded in 2012 (Decision No Α7756/12.06.2012). The Unit operates within the Second Medical Department of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki (Government Gazette No. 1067/27.03.2020), which is located at Ippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Aristotle University Thessaloniki is one of the largest and most diverse academic institutions in Greece and southeast Europe with approximately 72,000 students. It is named after the Greek philosopher and scienstist Aristotle, who was born in the ancient city of Stagirus, where the metropolitan area of modern Thessaloniki lies.

Our vision

Clinical Research & Evidence-Based Medicine Unit promotes excellence in healthcare research by bringing together a variety of healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds. They all share the common belief that rigorous research is key to making well-informed decisions in healthcare. All our team members hold a strong methodological background and are actively engaged in several research projects in collaboration with other entities in Greece and abroad with emphasis on Evidence Synthesis and Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials.

Our joint efforts are structured at multiple levels that include:

  • Generation of robust evidence summaries in order for clinicians and patients to reach as effective clinical decisions as possible, which at the same time minimise the impact on patients’ lives and healthcare systems.
  • Teaching healthcare practioners how to apply research findings for improving their patients’ care.
  • Forming a cluster of gifted scientists who will attempt to reshape standards of conducting healthcare research in Greece.